New Technologies

The maximum expression of the da Vinci robot’s potential has been guaranteed by a series of instruments and technologies that boost and perfect surgical efficiency and precision.

Endowrist Stapler

Linear, endoscopic and articulated mechanical stapler. Its maximum opening (108° on the horizontal axis and 54° on the vertical axis) allows for deeply located anatomical sites to be reached without sacrificing precision and safety.

Vessel Sealer

In electrosurgical instrument capable of sealing and cutting tissue structures. As it is extremely versatile and articulated, it facilitates safe and press access to the site where surgery is to be performed.

da Vinci “Single Site”

A technology designed to access the surgical site via a single point of access: the surgical instruments and the endoscope are introduced via an umbilical incision where a single-use silicone port is connected.

Firefly imaging

The surgeon at the console can go from normal visualisation of the surgical site to firefly mode: the florescent images processed by the video-camera control unit ensure real-time analysis of vascular and microvascular flow of the tissues and organ perfusion.

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