Robotic surgery is defined as any surgical procedure carried out using a robot manoeuvred by an operator. In this context, the da Vinci system is confirmed as the only technological platform capable of accessing an actual robotic surgery.

The surgical procedures performed using the da Vinci system are characterised by their minimal invasiveness. The surgeon’s gesture, transmitted to the robotic arms via a computerised system, is precise and free from naturally-occurring hand tremors. Increased operational efficiency has many benefits for patients, both during and after surgery.

The minimally invasive approached ensured by the da Vinci robot, its enhanced vision, precision and control, make this platform an extremely versatile tool for many surgical specialities, from Urology to General Surgery, to even Gynaecology, Thoracic Surgery, Heart Surgery, Paediatric Surgery and Otorhinolaryngological Surgery.

da Vinci robotic surgery appears to be a winning choice, with specific reference to:


The da Vinci robot appears to be constantly growing in this area: standard interventions performed with the robot (such as right and left colectomy and rectal resection), are being consolidated with gastroesophageal and liver resection surgery. On the other hand, Pancreatectomy and oesophagectomy treatments are still being developed.

There is scientific evidence relating to certain parameters supporting general surgery performed with the da Vinci robot, including: oncological radicality, a reduction in complications, reduced hospitalisation periods and functional recovery.

Main surgeries performed with the da Vinci robot:


As the main field of application and dissemination of da Vinci robotic surgery, urology is evolving towards mini-invasive and less impacting solutions, including, in addition to prostatectomy - the current standard treatment - nephrectomy (partial or total), pyeloplasty and cystectomy.

The use of the da Vinci robot, in the case of kidney surgery, offers patients a conservative and oncologically effective solution as possible.

Main surgeries performed with the da Vinci robot:


Among of the various specialities that use the da Vinci robot, gynaecology demonstrates a significant annual increase in its use. In addition to hysterectomies and myomectomies, which have become gold standard, robotic radical hysterectomy procedures, sacrocolpopexy and resection of endometriosis are becoming established.

Specifically, hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) interventions performed thanks to the da Vinci robot are more effective in eradicating tumours: greater operator precision results in fewer complications, a reduced need for transfusions and a shorter hospital stay, to the patient's full benefit.

Main surgeries performed with the da Vinci robot:

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